The best games of 2022

In this text I will be recommending some of the best games that 2022 has to offer you. We will also explain to you why these are the best games in 2022 and are worth checking out.

Elden Ring

One of the best reviewed games in 2022 is Elden Ring. One of many masterpieces of the developers from FromSoftware. The developers have a famous yet infamous reputation of making one of the most epic yet annoying game series to play like the famous Dark Souls series. Even if the game is very well seen and it has some very amazing graphics, the game in general tends to be annoying to play. The game is also seen as being a really hard game to play and it can make almost anyone rage out of frustration. Besides the rage, it is still addictive and fun to play. Elden Ring is an action role-playing game that has a very unique storyline to it. Even the famous writer, George R. R. Martin helped with the writing of the story. George R. R. Martin is the writer of the novel ''A Song of Ice and Fire'' that was eventually adapted to the series Game of Thrones and is also famous for helping out on Elden Ring. In the game, you start out with a character that is a Tarnished with nothing left but still goes on a big adventure with a maid spirit to bring her to the Erdtree, the home of the Elden Ring. The whole goal of this journey is to repair the Elden Ring that the maid possesses, this will be done at a location with a round table, basically a home for other tarnished people that fled. The thing that makes Elden Ring so unique is that it is one of the first open world rpg games where you can take any road you wish to achieve the finish. While on your journey, you are also able to completely customize your character to be either a half mage and a half warrior, or a full on tanky warrior. This game is available for most Consoles like Playstation 4/5 and for the PC.

God of War: Ragnarök

Another well reviewed game on the console is God of War: Ragnarök. This game is a continuation of the game God of War 3. The game starts in the cold northern lands of Scandinavia. The story starts many years later, when the protagonist Kratos fled Greece after being brutally wounded. Once he got to Scandinavia, he tried to escape his grim past and start up a new life alone. While doing so, he found himself a new wife and had a son with her. The son's name is Atreus however, later in the story it will be revealed that he actually is Loki, God of Legends and that he will start his own journey, leaving behind Kratos. While living with his son, trouble comes when Odin comes knocking on their door with Thor to ask for peace, which Kratos the God Killer refuses to. The reason why Kratos refused is because he does not want to negotiate or have anything to do with gods. From that point on, the goal of Kratos is to start Ragnarök and defeat Odin. Ragnarök is basically the great war that happened in Norse mythology. The goal to start Ragnarök is to stop the Norse Gods in which Thor eventually realizes his father is evil and gets killed by Odin. Also Odin will get killed, ending Ragnarök for Kratos and the group. From that point he has achieved something he never imagined, Godhood. After the ending of the game, Kratos travels all around the 7 Norse realms to repair and restore everything that Odin left behind, making people want to worship Kratos. This game is an action-adventure game that has been made by Santa Monica Studio, the creator of the previous God of War games. Be aware that this game is not available for PC, the game is only available for Playstation 4 and 5. The game might get released later this year for the PC as it happened to God of War 5.

Total War: Warhammer III

Total War: Warhammer III is a game that has been very famous throughout the years for the storyline and the amazing gameplay. This is because you are able to lead the armies and units that Warhammer has to offer in its fantasy storyline. The goal of the game is to conquer certain factions and this can be different for each faction. Factions are basically kingdoms or realms that you control. You can also build buildings on the castles or towns that you control.  By building certain buildings, it can bring you more income, unlock units to recruit or it gives growth to the city/town. There are many different type of armies and units you can control, from normal human armies to even giant dragons or ogres that have magic you can use. The plot of the game starts during the end of a winter in the lands of Kislev. Usually the Bear-God Ursun would end the winter by howling a big roar to blow away the winter. However, it goes all wrong when the Bear-God disappears which means that the winter cannot be stopped. This has been going on for seven years. Because of the endless harsh winter that lasted years, Queen Tzarina Katarin started an expedition to find the Bear-God again. While on the search, one of the people got down to pray on his own and heard the Bear-God say in his dreams that he has been imprisoned by the Chaos factions in the Chaos wastes. This faction is basically the evil faction that tries to destroy the whole world. Because of this, the expedition group has mentioned this to Queen Tzarina Katarin and assembled an army to fight against this Chaos horde to free their god. The game has been made by Sega, one of the most well known gaming companies in Japan and in the world. The developers at Sega are the creator of the series Sonic, Persona, Football Manager, Yakuza and many more games. The game is available on PC, be aware that this game can be demanding for a lot of PCs.

In short

All of these three games are amazing to play, both fun and addictive. One of the main reasons is because they have stunning and realistic visuals while having an amazing storyline plot and satisfying gameplay. They also are really loved by the players and have amazing reviews from game critics because of it. Gaming over the years has really improved, especially with the graphics and that made these three games really well loved and get the attention they deserve.