What does gaming mean?

The word gaming refers to all digital games, as well as all the hardware a gamer would need (PC, keyboard...). We can say that the gaming world has its own universe. There will be some people who love this universe and others who don't.

What do you call someone who plays video games?

We call them gamers, a gamer is someone who plays regularly or even very often on all these consoles or on his PC. It's all about playing online games that we call multiplayer, where we either meet up with our online friends or meet new people. We can also play solo.

What hardware do we need when we want to become gamers? 

This will depend on a number of factors. First of all, it's important to say that this will vary enormously depending on your budget. First of all, the most important thing is to have a PC or a console - that's the bare minimum when it comes to gaming.

Then you start investing in processors, graphics cards, motherboards and all the rest. You'll also buy all the accessories like mouse pads, a nice keyboard, LEDs, lots of little things so that in the end you'll have a good rendering, a good setup, and a good gaming space where you'll want to spend hours.

But as I said, all this will vary according to the person's budget, so you'll have people who are financially comfortable taking all the equipment at once to make their set-ups. And you'd have people with a little less money who will start with the bare minimum and over the years develop the Set Up with their means. When you're just starting out, you don't need to buy all the most sophisticated and expensive equipment. It's better to start with the minimum and improve your play area as you go along.

Is gaming just a leisure activity?

Today, gaming is much more than just a leisure activity. It has become an integral part of our lives, known the world over. Video games have created a worldwide community of passionate gamers who come together to share their love of gaming. Numerous events dedicated to video games, such as the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and Gamescom and attract thousands of fans every year. 

Can gambling be a negative thing for human beings?

Yes, gaming can cause damage to human beings. First of all, when we play video games, we enclose ourselves in a bubble. This isn't a problem; on the contrary, it's a way of decompressing and thinking of nothing else. But it can become a problem when we become addicted to video games. We all know that excess is not good for our health.

So Video games aren’t a problem as long as we’re not addicted to them. Because when we fall into video games and become addicted, it will cause problems in our social life, it will deregulate our nights of sleep, and we’ll be isolated from the world, breaking all our social ties.

Video games that are too violent, with scenes of murder, gore and war, can lead to serious pathologies in human beings, such as depression or, even worse, schizophrenia.

Now let’s take a look at the impact video games can have on the physical aspect of our bodies.

Video games are bad for your health, especially your eyes, because when you spend too much time on the screen, it literally destroys your eyesight. That’s why it’s important not to exaggerate our screen time per day. And if you’re addicted to video games, you’re bound to spend hours and hours in front of the screen. It’s best to reduce your screen time or consider other solutions, such as wearing glasses to protect against the blue light emitted by screens.

We all know that excessive screen consumption leads to headaches, migraines and sore eyes. When we feel these symptoms, it’s because we’ve consumed too many screens, and we need to give our bodies a rest.

Video games can also cause behavioral problems such as aggression and violence in video games, and some teenagers don’t separate real life from virtual life. Many teenagers take their cues from those they see in video games to reproduce the same things in real life. This can have serious consequences for both the person and the people around them.

We’ve just seen the harmful effects of video games, but they’re only harmful when we’re addicted to them. But there’s nothing wrong with playing them. It’s just that you need to know how to manage your timing so as not to abuse the screens.

What’s good about video games?

Video games allow us to escape after a long, hard day or a long day’s work, they’re a way to entertain ourselves. To put ourselves in a bubble and cut ourselves off from the world.

We can play games in many different ways : we can play alone, or with virtual friends, or we can play certain games as a family to strengthen bonds. Games are also a way of relieving stress. Some games teach us a lot, so there’s an educational side to them. That’s why so many people like to play video games. There’s no age limit for playing video games, and there are games for all ages.

Has gaming always had an important place in society? 

Video games have always been appreciated by society as a whole, but in the last two years we’ve been able to watch the growth of video games. What’s the reason for this?

During the last two years we have been faced with a health crisis. During this health crisis we were confined several times and for quite a long time. At that time, since we weren’t allowed out, we were looking for activities we could do at home, and that’s when video games really took off. It was a way for families to pass the time while having fun.

In conclusion, gaming is a good invention as long as it’s not over-consumed.