What are the best games of 2021?

Every year there are countless of new games that come out. Some of them are good, some are bad. However, every year there are also some games that become instant classics. These games you have to play, if you are truly a gamer who loves to play games. It’s hard to select or to decide which are the best games. Everyone has their personal taste of course. So, it also depends on the person. Still there were some games in 2021, which we found were absolutely fantastic. We really think you should buy and play these games. However, maybe you want to have some more information about these games before you decide to buy them. We give you an overview of the best games in this article, and we will explain why these games are so awesome.


Hades is the new game of Supergiant Games, this developer has already proven that it is capable. They created games like Bastion, Transistor, Pyre and many other games. All of them are very interesting and great to play. In 2021 the game came out on the Xbox and the PlayStation. What is this game all about? It’s a roguelike dungeon crawler. What does this mean? You go from dungeon to another dungeon. Whenever you lose the game, you have to start from the beginning. Luckily, you do keep your powers that you have accumulated.

It's clear that Hades is based on other games that Supergiant Games has developed. For example, you have a lot of hack and slash action when you play this game. This aspect of the game is great. It feels very natural. Another great aspect of the game is similar to that of Pyre. We are talking about the brilliant vibe in the game of course. You have a lot of interesting figures from Greek Mythology. Zeus for example plays an important role. Athena, the god of wisdom, is also to be seen throughout the game. And Poseidon, the god of water, also makes some appearances. Of course, the name of the game is Hades. So, it’s clear that you will also meet this god. In fact, it’s the main opponent of the game.

Hades consists of short but quick games. After every match you are rewarded when you prove that you have a lot of skills. What is also nice, the improvement that you makes doesn’t go away. Every match is different. So, you will always be surprised. This way you can keep enjoying this game. So you get a lot back for the money that you spend


Deathloop is totally different from Hades, however it’s also very nice. Deathloop is very unique, you can not really compare to any other game. Although the concept of the game is not that special, the way that you play the game is quite special. You play Colt and you have to solve a mystery. It’s pretty complicated to solve. Colt has died but he comes back to life again and again. Meanwhile, there is a hitman that keeps on following him. So, it’s a bit similar to Groundhog’s Day, only a little bit more violent and a lot more fun.

Deathloop refers to this loop of life and death. Because of these loops you can play the game with short and long sessions. This is really great. You can for example play a loop of an hour, if you only feel like playing the game for an hour. Of course, you can also play the game for a longer period of time if you choose to do this. The world is pretty big and you can have a lot of long and cool adventures.

The coolest thing is that you can use all the skills that you acquire in the next loop. So, your work is never wasted. Dying is therefore not that bad. The concept of the game is not that easy to explain. So, our advice is to just start playing yourself, you will find that it’s truly magnificent.

If you enjoy multiplayer games, then there is good news for you. You can play the hitman and chase down Colt. So, it’s the other way around. This is entertaining, because it’s something different than before.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Last but not least: Guardians of the Galaxy! We think that this is the game of the year 2021. It starts of slow (but fun!). You will get to know all the different characters, and will learn how to play the game. However, soon after this, the speed gets kicked up a notch, and you will experience a lot of adventures. You will have to fight hundreds of enemies. Also, you got to solve simple riddles. And you have to destroy adversaries and opponents that eat whole planets. The character that you play is Star-Lord. He will shoot at everything. And you have a lot of different guns that you can choose for this purpose. Every gun has a different power. This way you can defeat your enemies. The guns that you use also has effects on the environment. In this way it looks like the famous Tomb Raider games.

The strength of his game are the visuals, the way that characters develop, and the interaction between your teammates. Everybody responds to each other in a responsive, surprising and contextual way. Your teammates discuss mayor events in the game, make jokes about each other and are always arguing about a lot of things. But they always have each other’s back, just like it is supposed to be. This type of interactive game modes are not easy to make. A lot of times the conversations don’t seem natural at all. Especially when they are triggered on a certain context. The developers of Guardians of the Galaxy tried hard to make this work and they succeeded brilliantly!