The story of God of War

A legendary series that made so many action games throughout the years, starting with Kratos. A God Killer that once was human and served the Gods, now goes on to slaughter all the Gods and even the Titans in order to get vengeance against his father, Zeus. However Kratos has to overcome many obstacles and challenges in order to get to the God of Gods. God of War has gotten many awards and another one recently in 2018 but what is all with the hype the God of War series is getting, how are the stories this good and what is even the story behind the whole game to begin with? In this text we will explain and talk about the beginning of the God of War series and how the plot started.

The first God of War

God of War is an action adventure created by David Jaffe at Sony's Santa Monica Studio. It all started in 2005 when the game was made for the Playstation 2. Due to the fame of the game, God of War has even become an important series for Playstation and certain characters of God of War are featured in certain pieces and games of Playstation. The first God of War was released on March 22, 2005. This is where the story of Kratos begins, about what he has done and what he wants to achieve. Kratos is a Spartan who comes from Sparta in Greece. Because of Kratos serving the Hellenic Gods, he served them for 10 years with all kinds of tasks which had to be done. One day, Athena, the God of Wisdom, gave a task to Kratos to find Pandora's Box with the key to kill Ares, the God of War. This is because Ares was scheming behind the Gods' backs making plans to make Olympus fall and dethrone Zeus. Mount Olympus is the piece of land on top of a very high mountain in which the gods reside and live. While the Gods gave Kratos yet another task, however this task was the last straw for him. This is because Ares gives Kratos constant nightmares of his bloodshed he had caused. The bloodshed of the murder of his wife and child. It is only later discovered that Ares did this on purpose. Ares placed his family in a temple that was being raided by Kratos and accidentally killed his family this way because of Kratos being blooddrunk. before Kratos is released on Ares. Due to the murder of his family, he was called the "Ghost of Sparta''. The reason for the nickname is because his skin turned white after his family's ashes got stuck on his body as yet another punishment for this crime. For this, Kratos agreed to try getting Pandora's box and finds the box in the end. This allowed Kratos to be infused with the powers contained in the box. "The Power to Kill a God."

The continuation on God of War 2

The story continues in God of War 2 which was released in 2007. In this game, Kratos is displeased with how the Gods act lackluster with his victory against Ares and that his punishment is not repaid. Kratos sees these acts as betrayal from the Gods and for that, he makes chaos in the city of Rhodes. By mocking the Gods after beating many foes in Rhodes, Zeus came to Kratos at last while he was weakened. This was because Kratos drew all of his powers on a certain blade called the Blade of Olympus in which he defeated his final foe after Zeus gave this blade to Kratos and instructed him how the blade works. However this made him mortal and vulnerable and it so happens to be all planned by Zeus. He wanted Kratos to draw all of his powers on the blade so that Kratos could be killed. From this point on, even if Kratos drew his last breath, he swore to kill Zeus. At last, Zeus thrusted the Blade of Olympus into Kratos and killed his fellow Spartan soldiers. After this, the Underworld cried claiming the body of Kratos; however, he refused and got back up to the normal world again after Gaia, the Titan of Nature gave Kratos life again. For this, Kratos swore to help Gia make the Titans victorious against the Gods which in any way was at Kratos's interest to kill them. The Titans have a long history with their war against the Gods. The Titans were originally the creatures on the whole world that shaped the world at first and then lived on it. However, the Gods didn't like this and wanted to become the rulers of the World. For this, the Gods declared war on the TItans and defeated them after Zeus finished all of the Titan with a blade slash from the Blade of Olympus.

More on God of War 3

Then we go to God of War 3 that got released in 2010 with its remastered version in 2015. Here the story continues where Kratos invades Olympus with Gaia and the other Titans which Kratos and Gaia beat Poseidon, God of the Sea and Oceans. However, after Zeus came in to hurt Gaia. Gaia only saved herself and explained to Kratos that he only got used and yet again betrayed by the Titans this time. Because of the Titans wanting to use Kratos, they didn't need him after he fell. From that point on, Kratos wants full on revenge on both the Gods and the Titan after he got betrayed by both. After that, he fell into the underworld where Hades lives. From the Underworld on, he still gets help from Athena that now became a spirit after she invervined between a battle with Kratos and Zeus and got herself killed in the process. This death wasn't the worst thing for Athena since it actually helped her elevate herself to a new level of knowledge and understanding. With this knowledge, she helps Kratos throughout his journey and tells him to use the Flame of Olympus to beat Zeus.